7 SEO Success Stories That Your Toronto Business Will Love

7 SEO Success Stories That Toronto Businesses Love, Seriously…

Dear Small Business Owner,

I know you may have landed on some of our other landing pages – we are an SEO company in Toronto that prides our self with giving high-quality search engine optimization services to businesses and service based contractors that need it the most.

Below is a list of 7 Case Studies (SEO Success Stories) of How SEO Works for small Businesses in Toronto.

For some case studies, I present you with a brief description of what was one for them, links to see what their website(s) look like now and a picture of their ranking statistics. For example, We show what organic keywords these websites are ranking for and their relative SERP – or search engine ranking position. Additionally, we show their website’s Conversion Rates (how many organic or paid users are leaving in their information or calling from these websites), and estimated ROI or return on investment that are clients are receiving.

I’ve ironed out my procedures to give small businesses that ‘online boost’ they need to achieve the best results. The team at Toronto’s Best Internet Marketing Firm and Toronto’s Best SEO Company are still actively working with all these clients as we speak.

These are 7 Success Stories of How Strategic SEO & Search Engine Marketing Services can profit your business.

SEO Success Story #1: Caricature Creators – Toronto’s Best Caricature Artists

Time with Us: August 2017 – Present

This Artist did not have a website. They had the professionalism and experience to serve high end corporate clients, but those clients did not know about him and his awesome work. He wanted to use google AdWords and pay for clicks to his low converting website.  As a small business with good referrals the best option for him was strategically creating a dynamic ‘ACW’ or actually converting website that builds up an organic search engine presence by technical SEO or search engine optimization. (This is a whole lot more than just having a good-looking website). Check out our SEO Toronto FAQ for more information of how effective SEO can build your business.

What did we do for them?

  • We build them a fully customized WordPress website. (3 Page)
  • Three SEO Optimized Product Pages.
  • Local SEO – (Letting Google know that you have a local business!)
  • Social Media Page Optimization.
  • Custom Logo Design & Graphics
  • High Quality Backlink Building & Content Promotion on Related Communities & blogs with High Domain Authority.

Their SEO Success Story:

  • On the first month of our services alone, their organic traffic doubled and so did their sales. (Doubling their revenue earned in the previous six months.)
  • It’s dramatically improves since then so much so they are ready to double their revenue for the past 11 months in December alone.
  • These are the organic results received in the past 28 Days alone
  • Best part is he’s building an online presence organically – which will last as long as we/he keeps updating his content on a regular monthly basis.
  • Conversion rate of 11-14% (that means for every 100 clicks, 11-14 clicks Convert into a well-qualified ‘warm’ lead)
  • Ranking First Page in Google for keywords like Caricature Artist Toronto, Caricature Artist for Weddings, Caricaturist Toronto, hire a caricature artist, and a whole lot more like they’re listed below…


SEO Toronto Prophets Case Study - Caricature Creators

SEO Success Stories #2: Shutter Boys

Time with Us: November 2016 – Present

SEO Toronto Case Study - Shutter Boys

SEO Success Stories #3: A Divine Design & Divine Window Coverings Toronto

Time with Us: March 2017 – Present

SEO Toronto Case Study - A Divine Design

SEO Success Stories #4: California Shutters Toronto

Time with Us: July 2017 – Present

Toronto SEO Case Study - California Shutters Toronto

A Divine Design is an ‘old school’ window covering manufacturer and retailer that makes one of the best wooden California Shutter products in the city. Previously to us working with them, they had a low converting website and paid over $4000 in monthly pay-per-click costs. Unfortunately, their conversion rates on the paid for ad traffic being directed to their site was not that great. (They still preferred yellow pages to selling their services online). What they failed to understand was the immense profitability that a large online presence could have on their revenue.

They did not understand that only 93% of all searchers click on one of the first three links on the first page – people don’t want to search had and long for their answer. Google’s job is to satisfy their desire by providing the information or services that best meet their request. (Google loves this #1 Internet Marketing Secret…, don’t you know? ) But the problem was they didn’t have the patience or liquidity to waste money on digital marketing and SEO companies who would rip them off by not providing them with the services they promised them.

Keeping that in mind – one thing small, old-school, brick and mortar businesses live by is quality and good service. Many times, owners have to prove this quality when they start their company. Overtime, and after lots of hard work, word gets that they are indeed the best servicemen in their industry. With that I formatted an online marketing plan that included ranking multiple industry related websites – for strategic keywords that were seen to drive the highest paying traffic to this industry. Basically, my team at REVL8 and SEO Prophets created professional ACW’s to target three different markets of people this company was trying to reach.

What did we do for them?

  • We build them three fully customized (5-7 page) WordPress websites, including a Blog.
  • Local SEO – (Letting Google know that you have a local business!)
  • Monthly SEO for all three websites. (click the link for package prices & details)
  • Social Media Creation & Page Optimization. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Professional Logo’s Designed for each website. Custom Graphics that include business Card design and other print based marketing materials.
  • High Quality Backlink Building & Content Promotion on Related Communities & blogs with High Domain Authority.

Their SEO Success Story:

  • We successfully reduced their pay-per-click traffic from $4000 monthly to $750 monthly. (If you need some ppc management advice, these 7 PPC Management Toronto Hacks That Will Save Your Business…)
  • They are currently getting (on average) 400-500 monthly organic clicks to their websites.
  • Conversion Rate at 8-14% (it varies per website). For every 100 clicks, 8-14 clicks contact them through a form submission or call.
  • Ranking first page for keywords like California Shutters Toronto, California Shutters Oakville, California Shutters Whitby, Mattamy Homes Upgrades, California shutter price, cost of California shutters, Cheap California Shutters, Hunter Douglas Silhouette…

Here are more websites, released less than one month ago. These all have three or more search engine optimized Service Pages, with creative content that reflects their vision as a business. Even though they’ve just started, they’re already starting to see some benefits….


SEO Success Stories #5: NuLook Upholstery Toronto

Toronto SEO Success Story - Nulook Upholstery


SEO Success Stories #6: Andy De Campos – Best Wedding Band In Toronto


On Page SEO Toronto Success Story - WeddingEntertainment.ca


SEO Success Stories #7: Sunlife Insurance Toronto & Financial Advisor , Tyrone Hinds


Search Engine Optimization Success Story - Life Insurance Toronto Insider



These SEO success stories only happened because these companies took advantage of our SEO Toronto Prophets small business starter package that gives excellent value. Click the image below for more information of our SEO & WordPress Website Design Starter Packages for small businesses. That is, you get an professionally customized WordPress website (5 pages) for a steal when you sign on for a three or six-month term on one of our starter monthly off-page SEO packages. Get even more value when you combine these packages with On-Page SEO for your product and service pages. The best part is – when you contact us you will get a personalized FREE SEO audit. What are you waiting for, you can’t loose!

Question: Have you considered Monthly SEO as a major part of your companies digital & content marketing portfolio?

If so, what has your experience been? Has SEO won your heart yet?




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