5 Ways New GTA SEO Companies Win Over Large Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

5 Ways NEW GTA SEO Companies Win Over Larger Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto

How can new GTA SEO companies or GTA SEO consultants compete with the large Internet Marketing and Online Advertising giants in this city? (SEO consultants in Toronto must make distinct promises that they not only can keep, but promises that do more than what is expected.)

It’s quite simple. New GTA SEO Companies don’t need to compete. They must carve their own blue ocean out of this saturated Ocean full of sharks to survive.

The first step in competing with GTA SEO Companies is not to compete.

That being said – offer services so distinct and so different that people need them. Who cares if they even consider the ‘big guys’. For example, large digital marketing agencies like Nova Solutions owns the ‘SEO’ and ‘Web Design’ market space for ‘Higher end’ clientele. But for the quality of SEO that they give, their services are WAY too overpriced for the little guy to afford. They are able to charge companies the prices they do because they truly believe in delivering results their way. Even if that way means taking money from the little guy. On the contrary, what if you can give this same quality GTA SEO services for a fraction of the cost these ‘larger’ Digital marketing agencies in Toronto are charging.

Well, as a new SEO start-up in Toronto our SEOP methodology can do just that.

What happens when GTA SEO companies involve the client in the SEO process:

  1. The more they appreciate the outcome when success arises.
  2. The more their customers appreciate a seamless and constant experience across all consumer channels.

But, The less GTA SEO Companies involve YOU in the Search Optimization & content creation process:

  1. The more time GTA SEO companies will spend to research an industry in which they are NOT acquainted with.
  2. There is no ‘personality’ portion to showcase the vision of their company & how it may tick on a day to day basis

More involvement by GTA SEO companies will REDUCE YOUR COSTS.

Expert SEO agencies who put their customer first reduce ‘costs’ for high-quality SEO services by incorporating the client into the content creation process. This ensures that we create content that sounds like you. There are 5 Ways NEW GTA SEO Companies are disrupting the field in Toronto.

  1. Affordable SEO services:

    SEOP’s Expert SEO & Web Design Packages are affordable. They will set the foundation on which you and your marketing team can grow, whether or not they’re the ones maintaining it.

  2. Transparent SEO services:

    SEO Prophets are transparent in their web development and search engine optimization process. So much so that they require at least one monthly meeting with YOU. This ensures that you know about the detailed analytics regarding your campaigns’ progress. It keeps you happy and it keeps them safe.

  3. Scalable SEO Services:

    The SEO experts at SEOP will set up an organic web presence that is scalable and one that can grow with your business. Their SEO consultants will prepare, equip, and train your team to continue your search engine optimization process internally.

  4. Profitable SEO services:

    SEOP’s SEO & Web Design Packages were made to rank starting or brick and mortar businesses with no web presence on the first page in Google for the top keywords in their industry in the shortest amount of time possible. We have seen articles reach first Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) in less than 60 days.

  5. Valuable SEO services:

    these New SEO companies with methods that would blow any other competitor out of the water. Their main focus is to optimize your website in a manner that reaches converts the hottest potential prospects.

There is SEO, then there is SEOTC (SEO That Coverts)

SEO is good, SEO that CONVERTS is best. This is the thing that separates the men from the boys in the pool of Toronto’s Best search engine optimization Experts. When running any SEO campaign, one of the labour-intensive tasks is driving the highest quality traffic to your company’s website. Google is interested in this one internet marketing secret for that exact reason. Strategic Content Marketing, Backlink building and blogging will all help grow your domain authority? But, strategically speaking the ‘techniques’ most profitable for you will focus on targeting those searchers with a ‘pay now’ search intent.

An GTA SEO company for example may write an article on different marketing techniques and ideas for dentists to promote their local practices. Here they will showcase one of their online marketing techniques for dentists as one of the options.

This is not to say that the whole article doesn’t add value to the dentist – it does, or IT SHOULD.

Adding Value to your clients will cultivate a relationship that profits!

For example, we curate content that is customer focused and not ‘revenue’ focused. The more you focus on adding value to your target markets – the more potent the interaction and the higher they probability of them using your services in the future. Here are some ways SEO Companies in the GTA can add value

That’s the approach we at SEO Prophets live by.

Going back to the dentist example… Now dentists that land on that page fall into a pool of website traffic. Traffic you own costs way less to target paid ads to in the future. Retargeting is the answer. Completed through social media marketing or Google pay per click services. Retargeting for many industries can raise your conversion rates by up to 33%.

A distinguishing factor about our team at SEOP is the customization of our SEO consulting packages for your organization’s needs & business goals.


Are you a start-up home improvement business in Toronto? Our Local SEO start-up packages will start you on the right track. (We have partnered with Web Development Experts, REVL8 Innovations to give a combined web development and SEO package for start-up or brick and mortar companies just looking to bring their business online.) But, before we even discuss those – we’d like to add extreme value to your business!

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